Accidental on purpose makeup splurge inside

Makeup Splurge Inside

Sometimes when I’m feeling rich (the 5 seconds between when I get paid and when I pay bills and allocate money to responsible things like mortgage accounts, wedding accounts and savings accounts) I like to go onto StrawberryNet and buy makeup.  Why?  Because I like makeup and they have free worldwide shipping, but mostly it’s because I like to receive packages in the mail.  It’s like a gift from my past self to my future self.  I’m sure you all know what I mean.

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September Favourites

Oh look at that another person trying to be all like ‘I’m a real blogger, I write monthly favourites posts’.  Yup.  I’m trying to be that girl.  I guess they wouldn’t be so popular if they didn’t work, and to be honest I’ve been buying some stuff lately that I’m excited about and what kind of person would I be if I didn’t share my purchases with my closest internet friends #InternetBFF4Lyfe.

So lets get started on my September Favourites.  No one is here to listen to me babble on (or are you?!.. Hi Mum)

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Fiji in 72 hrs: Hits and Misses

When you’ve prebooked 3 weeks annual leave and have a fiancé whose annual leave gets declined for the first 2, you really have no other choice but to go to a tropical island for a few days in protest.  I’ve wanted to go back to Fiji since I first visited in 2013, and when I heard they had a new Marriott resort that looked ridiculously unreal I wanted to go even more.  Luckily I don’t mind a good solo adventure so I packed my bags, and off I went to do Fiji in 72 hrs.

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7 non patronising books that will give your life a boost

non patronising books

I’ve been reading a lot this year- Yay me!!  It was kind of a mini new years resolution.  I also decided that I was going to buy physical books rather than e-books because I needed something that wasn’t on a screen.  Working in front of a computer all day, watching TV after work, using a computer for blogging, and my addiction to things like Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest/You Tube on my phone was starting to get a bit much for my poor eyes so I had to get them a non screen related hobby.  Should I have picked exercise?  Probably… but nope.

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Saving tips from a girl who paid her way around the world

I hate to admit it, but I like saving money.  I like it so much that when I  had a savings account that accrued interest daily I would log on to my netbank just to have a look at the figure rising up and up.  I like it so much that I would confidently put ‘money saver’ on a list of hobbies, or sit on the couch on a weeknight after work and write a blog post on money saving tips for travel or anything you need it be, really.

I would like to say it comes from the great feeling of being self sufficient and knowing I have backup money incase my entire world turns to sh*t, but so far my favourite feeling has been walking into a new car shop looking like your average poor twenty something and having the assumption made that I will need to finance and then proudly saying “oh no, I’ll be making a cash payment.”  The end of that story was me not wanting to part with my money and buying a second hand car for half the price (which I still have 7 years later) but thats beside the point.

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Where to start as a newbie blogger

Blogging tips

Once upon a time there was a girl called Emma (that’s me) who started a blog in the hopes that she could get all of the overthinking out of her head and free up space in her brain to be a normal person.  Ok, technically it was so she could brag about travelling, but the overthinking thing came as a bonus.  She soon discovered that other people were doing this too, except they were making money out of it and some eventually quit their full time jobs.  This appealed to Emma who’s ideal lifestyle was to be a stay at home puppy mum and do whatever she wanted whenever she wanted.  Emma started researching all of the different aspects of blogging and soon found out that it’s not an instant solution to all life’s problems.

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Almost Adulting Book Review

Almost Adulting Arden Rose

Oh look at that, another You Tuber writing a book. It seems to be the in thing at the moment, doesn’t it.  I have to admit that I get really sceptical, but I’m yet to read a book by a You Tuber that I didn’t like.  Maybe it’s a case of severe jealousy.  I wish I could get a book deal out of my work.  Maybe I’m not trying hard enough.

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