About Me

Hi Everyone, I’m Emma Philpott from www.emmaphilpott.com (bet you didn’t see that coming)

I’m just your average 31 year old who loves going on holidays, watching Netflix on the couch, and online shopping.

During the day I work for an airline, after work I’m a journalism student, and on my days off I’m a stay at home puppy mum.
I was born on the little island of Tasmania where I have spent most of my life give or take 4 years or so. I’m a passionate traveller and fussy eater.
Since becoming a homeowner with my Fiancé 4 years ago my love of homewares has escalated. I happily spend hours watching renovation shows which can drive my fiancé up the wall. One day I hope to buy a house to flip it just like they do on TV #lifegoals.

My longterm goal (other than flipping houses) would be to write a book. I could not even begin to think of what the book would be about right now, but with any luck I’ve still got plenty of time to work that one out.

Full disclosure:  I use Google Adsense and various affiliate links to monetise my blog, but that will never mean my opinions are not my own.  I’ve got a conscience!!

Thanks for visiting my space on the internet.  I hope you like what you see and come back again soon.



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