Breakfast and Barrecode – dominating the weekend

This morning I did something unusual.  If we’re going to get really technical about it I would even categories it as ‘against my will’.  This morning… Saturday… the weekend… I got up and went to my first Barrecode class.  I was invited by a friend who went to her first class a couple of weeks ago, and against my better judgement I said I would go with her.

I’ll admit that I’m making it sound so much worse than it actually was, but the class started at 8.15am which meant my alarm was going off at ‘work day’ time.  Horrific!!

For those of you not familiar with Barrecode (which was me until this morning) it’s a low impact workout that is similar to pilates. We used different techniques and equipment like light weights, a ball, and a bar (closest I’ll get to being a ballerina that’s for sure!!)  Lucky for me there was no co-ordination required, and it’s suitable for all fitness levels.

After we finished we went out for breakfast at a nice little cafe which is about 5 or so minutes from my house. The Lansdowne Crescent Cafe it’s called if you’re ever in Hobart.  Despite living here almost all of my life I hadn’t been to this cafe before, which I can see now is a tragedy in itself.

I’ve added a couple of pictures so you can see what we had.  Let’s be honest, it’s the reason I did this post anyway 😉


The best thing about getting up so early in the morning is that I was exercised and fed all before 10.30am.  I feel like I got a head start on the day.  Sonic had a dog meet up at the beach too so I was able to go straight to that after breakfast.  We spent almost 2 hours at the beach with his schnauzer friends.  Next time I’ll need to take a good photo.  It’s adorable.



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