The Ultimate Melbourne Breakfast Spot

Middletown Melbourne

A few weeks ago I went to visit a friend who has just moved to Melbourne.  We had bought ourselves tickets to the opening night of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival so the plan was to laugh ourselves silly.  We had such a fantastic few days checking out the local bakeries, eating hamburgers, and wandering around Melbourne.  If it wasn’t for the threat of diabetes there is a large chance I would still be there eating my weight in cake right now.

One morning before going to see Beauty and the Beast (amazeballs movie!!!  Oh em gee!!!!!!!) we went to Middletown for breakfast in Melbourne.  Being a self confessed breakfast enthusiast (hmm I wonder if I could have a job as a breakfast blogger.. I might store that away for later) I was super excited to go and check it out.  There’s always a risk with me because I say I love breakfast, but I’m also the fussiest person you will ever meet so finding a place that suits my delicate breakfast palette can sometimes be tricky.

Middletown, located in Prahran, is actually inspired by Kate Middleton.  Its a stunning contemporary cafe with royal blues, whites, golds, and greys.  As soon as you walk in you just know it’s going to be amazing.  The food certainly doesn’t disappoint either.  I had the Charcoal Waffles which for something that sounds revolting was actually amazing!!  Mixed with the mascarpone ice-cream and the strawberries, I was in pure heaven!

Below are a few pictures of breakfast including what the others had as well.  All three of us could not stop raving about it.

Let me know if you have any other suggestions for breakfasts next time I’m in Melbourne.  I’d love to try some more!

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Breakfast in Melbourne
Charcoal waffles with mascarpone ice cream, maple syrup, salted macadamias and textures of strawberries
Breakfast in Melbourne
With spiced pork belly, poached eggs, aerated classic hollandaise on sourdough
Breakfast in Melbourne
On cauliflower puree with crispy pancetta, poached eggs, pecorino cheese and brioche soldiers
Breakfast in Melbourne
Middletown Prahran


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