Why can’t I find my favourite Christmas Movie Anywhere?

I wouldn’t be a blogger if I didn’t do a post about Christmas Movies.  It’s like an inaugural rite of passage.  If there was a physical blogger tool kit it would be like “…and here is your computer, here is your WordPress website, and here is your instruction manual for writing a Christmas Movie blog post.”

Devastatingly this year I’ve barely watched any.  We started off in great form i.e. watching The Holiday in November, but work shifts have been getting in the way of prime Christmas Movie Watching time.  Also, and this is the biggest disaster of all time, I went to sit down and watch one of my favourite Christmas Movies, Just Friends, and can I find it on Netflix anymore?  NO!!!  Can I find it on Google Play?  NO!!!  Can I find it anywhere on the face of this earth? NO!!!  How can this even be possible?!!!  It’s a Ryan Reynolds movie for crying out loud!!  ERGH  Christmas is RUINED!


Given the short time frame I’m working with this year my list is rather short, but chances are I’ll probably get a boost of Christmas Spirit and power through with the trusty Home Alone’s after Christmas.


Just Friends

It’s only this year because I haven’t been able to watch it that I’ve realised how much of a Christmas staple this movie is.  I swear I’m going to track it down and watch it over and over and over until I turn into Anna Faris eating toothpaste.



The Holiday

Where do I even begin?!  The Holiday is one of the best movies ever.  I feel like I would 100% be Kate Winslet and not Cameron Diaz though, which is such a shame because I would much prefer to end up with Jude Law than Jack Black.  I also think Arthur Abbott dishes out some of the best advice I’ve ever received from a movie.  Maybe I should make “Leading Lady” my life motto for 2018 and see how that goes 😉



12 Dates of Christmas

A surprisingly half decent Amy Smart movie I found on Netflix a few years ago which has since been taken off.  It must be pretty basic because I couldn’t find a GIF for it and there seems to be a GIF for everything.  It’s basically a Christmas Groundhog Day.  It’s about a girl who keeps doing the same day over again.  It’s very sweet and she meets and brings together all sorts of people.  If you find it, it’s definitely worth watching.  Gets you right in the Christmas Feels.



The first time I watched ELF I didn’t like it.  I’ve since watched it a few more times and it’s finally growing on me.  I can’t write much more about it because that GIF going round and round in circles is making my head spin.  Sorry about that.  It’s one of the best bits in the movie though.



Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone

Yup, I’ll take that one Christmas Scene and add it into my Mandatory Watch list for Christmas.  Jerome has made me another home made Harry Potter advent calendar this year so it feels especially Christmasy now.



Arthur Christmas

I hadn’t watched Arthur Christmas until last year, or maybe the year before and I watched it 3 times in like 2 days.  I watched it on Netflix one night and then the next day it was on TV and then the day after that it was on TV again.  I think the universe was trying to tell me something.  It’s such a cute movie.  Definitely suitable for adults as well as kids.



Love Actually

Love Actually is another movie that I thought was alright but the more I watched it the more I like it.  I just love the Prime Minister and Natalie, and Jamie and Aurelia.  And I definitely hate that horrible receptionist lady who steals Alan Rickman away from Emma Thompson.  Ergh!!  She is the worst and Emma Thompson is the best.



The Santa Clause 1 and 2 but not 3

You’re going to think I’m weird but The Santa Clause, especially number 2 is my all time favourite Christmas movie.  I’ve watched them more times that I can count.  Comet in the second movie is just so adorable that I want to move to Canada and have my very own reindeer.  I assume they’re not as chatty in real life, but a girl can dream 😉




Every Christmas Episode of my favourite TV Shows

That’s right, it’s time to whip out all the Family Guy and Sabrina the Teenage Witch Christmas Episodes!!  If I could be Aunt Hilda as a light up Christmas Wreath, I would!!







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