Finding a good hostel & why they’re better than you think

Generator Hostel Dublin

I’ll confess that in a perfect world I would only ever stay at a hotel with an Ocean Front balcony and a King sized bed with an abundance of cloud-like pillows, but lets face it, life can’t always be dreamy, it needs to be adventurous and exciting and that’s what hostels are for me.

I was skeptical at first because the word COMMUNAL in my mind spells UNHYGIENIC, DIRTY, UNPLEASANT, GROSS, SMELLY.. you get my point. But I’m thrilled to report that if you follow a few basic steps to finding a good hostel you will limit your chances of using someone else’s unwashed cutlery.

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Introverts guide to surviving a Contiki Tour

I would be what you would call a self diagnosed introvert.  Who needs a psychological diagnosis when I’ve done my fair share of Facebook quizes and I get the same answer every time.

It’s actually a relief to know that there’s a name for it.  No I’m not anti-social, no I’m not shy, and no I don’t hate people (well, sometimes I do) but it’s just that some people draw energy from being around other people, while introverts draw energy from spending time alone.

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