Dogs, Beaches and Planes: Sunday Funday

Could there be anything happier than dogs, Tassie beaches and planes?  Well, I guess if we add in ‘winning the lotto’, ‘quitting your day job to become a self made millionaire’, or maybe ‘full time luxury traveller’… but since none of those things are on the cards for me on this fine Sunday, we’ll just stick to the basics.


Today Mum, Sonic and I went to my sisters house about 40 minutes outside of Hobart.  Us Hobartians are very lucky because not only do we get city living (as long as we don’t compare it to New York, Melbourne or any other real city) but we also get to live so close to the most amazing outdoorsy things.  Today we had Tassie beaches, a few weeks ago we had the Russell Falls walking tracks and waterfalls.  We really do have it all. PS You can read abut my trip to Russell Falls here.


Even though I say we live so close to everything, like most people, we rarely take advantage of what is in our own backyard.  The weather certainly put on a show for us today though.  You could not even tell we are 2 months into Autumn already.



Highlights of today definitely included my sisters dog Jasper running like the speed of light up and down the beach trying to chase the seagulls in the sky.  Also being so close to the airport we were able to watch the planes take off and land.  #nerdalert I know.. but for someone who is a little bit of a nervous flyer, I just LOVE planes!!!


Here are some pictures from today.

How did you spend your weekend?



Dodges Ferry

Clear Water, Blue Skies and a quiet beach all to ourselves

Dodges Ferry

#nofilter #iphonephoto #sunshine

Dodges Ferry

Cousin Love

Dodges Ferry

Happiness is sand in your beard #schnauzerlife

Dodges Ferry

These two couldn’t be more opposite. One can’t get far enough in the water, the other can’t get far enough out.

Dodges Ferry

Dogs, Beaches, and Planes.

Dodges Ferry

Mischievous Sonic the Schnauzer in my sisters dam at her property.



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  1. j kathryn haines
    May 1, 2017 / 9:30 am

    i may or may not be the sister….looks like a very enjoyable day…great article!

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