Weekend Adventures: Harry Potter in Melbourne Edition

Did someone say weekend?  Hmm yes it seems that another weekend has come and gone before you can say Quidditch.  The good thing about being a shift worker is that you never really know what day it is so I can just pretend it’s a weekend any time I want.  I did have Friday-Monday off work this week though (thanks strategically placed annual leave) so I think I’ll count that as a weekend win!!

So what did I do on the weekend?  I went to Melbourne!!  And what did I do in Melbourne?  I went to watch the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra play LIVE music to Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.  Can you say ‘best idea everrrrrrr’? or would you prefer to say ‘#nerdalert’?  I know which one I’m saying!!!

Here.. watch this and see for yourself. *insert love heart emoji here*


Even though I would have been happy with just seeing Harry Potter and turning around and going home we stayed a couple of nights to catch up with some friends and family we hadn’t seen for a while.  We even got to meet Jerome’s 4 month old niece who has the bluest eyes you will ever see and a grin to rival any mischievous grins out there.

I also couldn’t go anywhere and not take pictures of my food because that’s a thing now.  Have you even eaten if you haven’t taken a picture of it first?  This is from Hopscotch Melbourne Southbank.  It’s an urban beer bar so if you’re looking for a place that has a wide variety of beer then this is your go-to.  They’ve also got lots of cocktails and slushies (turns out I like frozé slushies) so there’s something for everyone.  Did I mention they also have a nitro ice cream bar where they make the ice cream in front of you.  That’s pretty cool.



Hallelujah for brunch is all I can say!!  This is from a little cafe in Oak Park called Francis Winifred near where we were staying.  We went here last time and it was awesome.  They’ve changed the menu since then but it’s equally as good if not better.



They’ve also got baked goods that look Instagram perfect because that’s all that matters in life, isn’t it?  I may or may not have taken the one on the right home with us and had some of it for a late breakfast the next day.  Holiday calories are empty calories aren’t they?



Well there you have it, my weekend in a handful of food pictures and a Harry Potter video.  There’s a Harry Potter pop up shop in Myer Melbourne at the moment too which unfortunately we didn’t get to go to, but when you’ve already got a wand, an owl, a scarf and numerous other bits and pieces you really have to draw the line.. at least temporarily.  Let’s not forget it’s almost Harry Potter Advent Calendar month.  Not sure what that is.. you just wait.  It’s the best month of the year 🙂





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