Hey, Over Here!! Let me introduce myself

Well hello there, fellow internet goers.  Thanks for dropping by and reading my very first post on my brand new website www.emmaphilpott.com.  Talk about an original name for a blog.

Despite it only being day one I feel it’s only right to come clean and admit that this isn’t my first blog.  Fhew.. I already feel like we have no secrets from each other.  I traveled for a little bit when I was younger (not that I’m old now.. 30 isn’t old, is it?!) and I started a blog to keep in contact with home.  When I stopped travelling and went back to the real world my heart was so broken that I couldn’t even bring myself to look at that poor little blog sitting there all by itself.

Fast forward 4 years and after trying to reinvent my first blog I discovered that what I really needed was a fresh start, so here we are all brand new 🙂

So for those of you that haven’t read my ‘About Me’ page, or the 3 lines I managed to conjure up for it.. let me tell you a little bit about myself.  My name is Emma and I’m from Tasmania, Australia.  I live with my boyfriend, and the ruler of my universe- Sonic the Miniature Schnauzer.  I love spending time with my family and friends, and I love going on holidays.

I’m currently studying Journalism and Communications, which I really should have started 10 years ago when I first went to uni and paid a lot of money for my Business degree that I haven’t used.  I’m secretly addicted to YouTube (I guess that’s my second guilty admission) and I’m terrible at taking selfies.  My dream job would be to write full time… in my pyjamas.. in between watching shows on Netflix.





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