The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a F**K: Book Review

Isn’t it funny how you listen to a song or read a book and at that time in your life you think ‘I swear to god that song was written for me’.  Well I’ve just had one of those moments in the form of a book.  The book that I have now awarded ‘best book everrrr’ on my personal book reading list.

You’ll probably be like “oh Emma, where have you been” when I tell you because I’m so behind the times that this author has already written a follow up book, but I still feel that it’s my duty at the ripe old age of 31 to spread the word to my other 30-something year old readers that I assume feel the same as me (god I hope I’m not the only one).

The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a F**K

by Sarah Knight.

This book tells it how it is  Just reading the book was a breath of fresh air.  It was brutal, honest, and exactly what I needed to hear in the most humorous way possible.  What I liked so much about this book is the detailed account on how to decide what to give a F*ck about, but then the practical steps on how to actually go about it without hurting anyone’s feelings.. or as Sarah puts it: “not being an asshole”.

Despite learning more about how to deal with life than I have ever learnt from a uni text book, I also haven’t laughed so much from a book.  This book is perfect for people (like me) that are overwhelmed by even the most trivial things i.e. team functions or baby showers.  Likewise it is perfect for those that are questioning their career path.  Hearing Sarah’s story on how she realised she didn’t want to be in the corporate world anymore absolutely made my day!

Anyway, that’s enough gushing from me.  I’ll admit that if you’re not into swearing then this book is definitely not for you, but for anyone else that needs a bit of a life pick me up without being patronised then this gem of a book is for you!!




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