Accidental on purpose makeup splurge inside

Sometimes when I’m feeling rich (the 5 seconds between when I get paid and when I pay bills and allocate money to responsible things like mortgage accounts, wedding accounts and savings accounts) I like to go onto StrawberryNet and buy makeup.  Why?  Because I like makeup and they have free worldwide shipping, but mostly it’s because I like to receive packages in the mail.  It’s like a gift from my past self to my future self.  I’m sure you all know what I mean.

So I thought I would start sharing my little purchases on my trusty blog here mainly so I can pretend that my random splurges are for the good of blog kind 😉  I also thought I would do something wild and split them into categories.  Enjoy.


Things I went onto StrawberryNet to buy

Clear Brow Gel: Nars

I have just started using brow gel because I realised that I look even more invisible if I don’t have eyebrows.  Plus everyone is talking about eyebrows these days so I would hate to be left behind.  Last time I got the Billion Dollar Brow one which I got in their Best Seller kit, but this Nars one was 7ml rather than 3ml and it wasn’t that much more expensive.  I’m not sure what makes a spectacular brow gel, but this one seems to do the job.  I couldn’t find it on their site anymore so maybe it’s sold out but I’m sure it will be back.

Makeup Splurge Inside


Things I bought on a whim

Jane Iredale Just Kissed Lip and Cheek Stain in Forever Pink

This was left in my cart from last time I was stalking the sale pages.  I proudly abandoned my shopping cart last time, but that was because I didn’t technically need anything and I was successful in using my will power to stop myself.

I’ve never purchased anything by Jane Iredale before but I’m happy so far.  I liked the packaging.  I thought it was rather elegant.  I also like that it goes on smooth and feels like a normal lip balm.  It’s weird because I put it on in the morning and it kind of gives my lips a bit of a pink glow, but when I put it on again in the afternoon it seems to be stronger so I think the more you reapply even if it’s hours later the stronger it gets.  It’s quite a baby pink too so you have to be a little bit careful you don’t over do it and go into Barbie territory.  I’d still buy it again though.


Vincent Longo Eye Pencil in Plum Raisin

Another brand I hadn’t heard of before but I’m glad I added it to my order.  I like plum and purple eye liners.  I sometimes find that black can get a bit intense with my pale skin so deep purple is a nice substitute.  I’ve been using this one for the past few days and I really like it.  It doesn’t go on as harshly as some of the other pencil eye liners I’ve had which is a bonus because sometimes I can be a bit all over the place when applying.  It’s also a cruelty free product and hypo allergenic (which I didn’t know was a thing for makeup but I guess that makes sense) so 10 points to Gryffindor for that.


Bonus Weekend Promo items

StrawberryNet have weekend specials where you can get bonus items on the cheap as you checkout.  They have a list of items you can chose from.  You don’t have to select anything but sometimes I can’t help myself.

Calvin Klein Tempting Glance Intense Eye Shadow in Chantrelle

I think I got this one for $1.50 and they’re selling it on their site for about $7.50 so I think that’s a good deal.  The polite description is that it’s a nude eyeshadow, but I think the packaging looks like a microscope slide (like Dexter’s blood slides) and the colour and texture look like a bandaid.. not the plastic ones the material ones.  In all honesty though it’s actually quite nice and I like the packaging.  I haven’t used it yet because I don’t want to ruin the pattern.


Charles of the Ritz Custom Blended Powder in Classic Ivory

For a random purchase that only had one shade available I’ve hit the jackpot.  The colour of the packaging reminds me of the pink in the lip stain I bought.  It smells like baby powder and it definitely helps my foundation stay on for longer.  It’s only a basic powder but I’m still loving it.  They’re selling it for $14.50 so even if I do have to buy it again it’s not going to break the bank.  It’s a pretty large container so it should last a while.



**This post contains affiliate links but I’ve loved StrawberryNet for at least 10+ years and not one complaint.



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