My 35 before 35 List

Is there anything more rewarding than ticking something off your To-Do list?  Even more so when it’s a big goal or something with significant importance?  I think not!!  After realising I’ve pretty much been goal-less for the past few years resulting in a very dull and unfocused 2017 I thought it was time to sit down and get my thoughts together, or in the wise words of Ron Weasley, I need to sort of my priorities.


Unfortunately for me at the ripe old age of 31 I have missed the ’30 before 30′ list that everyone seems to be going on about, but in all honestly it was probably for the best.  20 year old Emma didn’t really know what was going on and would’ve had a list full of crazy things like ‘pull an all nighter’ or ‘try different types of vodka’.

I shouldn’t be so hard on 20 year old Emma, she did have some goals that have certainly worked in Adult Emma’s favour.  Things like finish Uni, buy a house and go travelling are great practical goals for someone in their 20’s but what happens next?  What happens when you’ve done the things society says are good goals to have?  Make your own goals?  Sounds tricky.

Introducing my 35 before 35 list.  It’s going to be a mixture of different things.  Some I may change my mind on, some might become more important than I thought, but I know for sure that I’m sick of thinking to myself ‘that sounds like fun’ and then forgetting about it.

You’ll also note that by the time I get to the bottom I’ve run out of things I want to add so I’m using it as an opportunity to add more things in later depending on what happens between now and then.  Cheating? Maybe.  Smart?  Yep!!

Things to do before you turn 35

My 35 before 35 list


  1. Learn a language
  2. Start my own business/work for myself
  3. Write a fiction novel whether it’s good or bad
  4. Blog a bit more
  5. Get married (and stay married haha)
  6. Buy an investment house
  7. Stop biting my nails for an entire month.. hopefully longer
  8. Consistently use fake tan for a while to see how the other half live (#palegirlproblems)
  9. Try a new clothing style
  10. Run the 5 or 10km version of the Disney Marathon
  11. Learn to swim
  12. Cook a proper meal from a recipe book
  13. Do more baking
  14. Eat better & drink more water
  15. Get something that resembles arm muscles
  16. Go on Safari in Africa
  17. Go on the Jacobite train in Scotland
  18. Go to all the Disneyland’s & Universal Studios in the world
  19. Go to Canada
  20. Become a doggy foster parent
  21. Find a charity to regularly volunteer at
  22. Meet new people
  23. Try some crafty DIY projects
  24. Read 50 books (I’d never do that in a year!!)
  25. Go hiking (beginner style)
  26. Make the garden at home more usable
  27. Get all of the health checks for adults (boring but ridiculously important)
  28. Get some basic day surgery done that I’ve been putting off because hospitals are scary (totally non life threatening though, don’t worry… and no its not a boob job, nose job or any of the other job haha)
  29. Take up a new hobby
  30. Go on more day trips/mini staycations at home.
  31. Go on a helicopter ride, a seaplane ride or a hot air balloon ride
  32. Finish Uni.. again.  Why do I keep going back?
  33. Just discovered that Osaka have a Wizarding World of Harry Potter now too so that’s totally happening!!
  34. Add 2 more items in 12-18 months based on new interests
  35. Add 2 more items in 12-18 months based on new interests


I would love to hear about the items on your list whether it be for this year, next year or a 10 year plan.  It might give me some inspiration to add some bonus points in there 🙂





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