Breakfast at Born In Brunswick

Breakfast North Hobart

It wouldn’t be right if there was a new breakfast cafe in town and I didn’t go and try it.  After all, breakfast is life (and so is Harry Potter.. and so is chocolate.. ok, a lot of things are life.. you know what I mean).  Born in Brunswick is about 7 minutes down the road from me at the top of the North Hobart food strip.  It has been opened by ex Masterchef contestant Con Vailas and his best mate Ben Korkmaz.  They’ve taken an old clothes store and have turned it into a beautiful, funky, airy breakfast/brunch cafe that has great coffee and great atmosphere. 

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Lazy girls guide to home made cupcakes

Sometimes in life there are times when you need an emergency cupcake (ladies, you know what I’m talking about) and sometimes in life there are times when you really don’t feel like leaving the house to get said cupcake.  There are also times in life when you feel like baking, but you don’t have time to whip up a 5 tiered chocolate layer cake, and the thought of the excessive washing up makes you want to crawl into a ball and eat cooking chocolate straight out of the packet.

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Street Art and Trishaws: a morning in Georgetown Penang

Cat in Window

Hello from Sunny Penang, Malaysia.  This morning we ventured out of our resort for the first time (despite being here 3 nights already) to have a morning in Georgetown.  Georgetown is the capital of Penang and is best known for it’s old British Colonial buildings and it’s street art.  It’s usually what most people come here to see, closely followed by the nice resorts, beaches, and shopping.

Despite being armed with a walking map given to us by the hotel, we opted for a trishaw (or cyclo) tour.  What is a trishaw you ask?  This:

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Spring Adulting: Buying plants in pretty pots

Spring Adulting

Is it just me or does spring time make you want to go out and buy every single pretty flower on the planet?!  It’s this time every year that I convince myself that I’m a responsible plant owner.  Unfortunately the plants that I said that about last year have since passed away, but I feel like I’m going to do it right this year.  I’ve even named this post “Spring Adulting.” You can’t get more serious than adulting!!

This year I have actually taken the time to read the information on the back of the card that tells me if my new BPF (Best Plant Forever) needs extra sun, or like me, needs to be kept in the shade to avoid lobster level sunburn.

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Russell Falls: Discovering my own backyard

Discovering my own backyard

It’s embarrassing to say that I have lived in Tasmania for all bar 4 and a half years of my life.  What’s embarrassing about that you ask?  Well, I’ve barely seen any of it.  My boyfriends parents who are from country Victoria have seen more of this state than I probably ever will and they only visit once a year.

I started to feel guilty that I have spent so much of my time dedicated to seeing or planning holidays to visit various parts of the world when I have barely spent any time exploring my own backyard.  People comment to me all the time about how much Tassie has to offer so I thought it was about time I took their advice and went to see for myself.

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Breakfast and Barrecode – dominating the weekend

This morning I did something unusual.  If we’re going to get really technical about it I would even categories it as ‘against my will’.  This morning… Saturday… the weekend… I got up and went to my first Barrecode class.  I was invited by a friend who went to her first class a couple of weeks ago, and against my better judgement I said I would go with her.

I’ll admit that I’m making it sound so much worse than it actually was, but the class started at 8.15am which meant my alarm was going off at ‘work day’ time.  Horrific!!

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Carnival in the Caribbean Island of Trinidad

Earlier this year my boyfriend and I went on a 3 week holiday to America and the lovely Caribbean island of Trinidad. My sister is on an overseas posting with her job in Trinidad’s capital city Port of Spain so as I’m sure you can imagine, it quickly made it’s way on to my “Travel To Do” list and what better time than CARNIVAL time!!!

I’ll be the first to admit that I had no idea where she was talking about when she first said she was moving to Port of Spain.  My first thought was “Yay, how great is Spain,” boy was I way off the mark there!!

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Finding a good hostel & why they’re better than you think

I’ll confess that in a perfect world I would only ever stay at a hotel with an Ocean Front balcony and a King sized bed with an abundance of cloud-like pillows, but lets face it, life can’t always be dreamy, it needs to be adventurous and exciting and that’s what hostels are for me.

I was skeptical at first because the word COMMUNAL in my mind spells UNHYGIENIC, DIRTY, UNPLEASANT, GROSS, SMELLY.. you get my point. But I’m thrilled to report that if you follow a few basic steps to finding a good hostel you will limit your chances of using someone else’s unwashed cutlery.

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Singapore for the win

Last year I went on my first ever trip to Singapore where we spent 5 nights just exploring the city and loving life!! I’ve always found that my favourite places end up being the ones that I would least expect to like, so I guess I should have known something great was around the corner when I picked Singapore and I wasn’t in the least bit excited about it.

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