The Rosie Project Book Review

When I was a kid I used to read a lot.  My favourite part of the day was between 8.30pm and 9pm when I was tucked up in bed with the latest Baby Sitters Club book.  Since becoming a little bit more ‘adult’ my reading time has slowly faded away.  During uni I spent so much time reading thick text books that there wasn’t enough time for anything else.

Now that I’m mostly all done with that my aim is to start reading again.  And not just books on my iPad either, actual physical books.  iBooks is handy for when I’m out and about but nothing compares to a physical book in your hand and the smell of freshly printed pages.

To boost my enthusiasm I thought I would start writing about the books that I’m reading.  I don’t want it to be an in depth review kind of thing, but just my overall thoughts and whether or not it’s worth reading.

So here we go, my first review


The Rosie Project Book Review

This is Graeme Simsion’s debut novel.  He’s an Australian Author who has now written a sequel to The Rosie Project called The Rosie Effect.  The book was recommended to me after I wrote on Facebook that I wanted some good, easy, ‘sitting by the pool on holiday’ kind of  reading.  It took me a while to actually sit down and read it but when I did I could barely put it down.

It’s about a Genetics Professor , Don Tillman, who reminds me of Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory.  He’s very brilliant, but quirky and very set in his ways.  Don decides he needs a wife so he creates a comprehensive 16 page survey for potential wives to complete to ensure they are the perfect fit.  While undertaking the survey he meets a girl, Rosie, who is the complete opposite of what he determined is suitable.  The book goes through their journey together when he helps to find her biological father.

The book is unexpectedly funny and very well written.  It makes you want to cringe and laugh all at the same time.  It opens your eyes to a different aspect of life where socialising and meeting people doesn’t come naturally.  At the same time there were a few occasions where I could relate to what Don was going through and started to wonder if maybe having a 16 page relationship survey wasn’t the worst idea.  I would definitely recommend The Rosie Project.  It isn’t a book I would have chosen for myself just based on the blurb at the back so I’m really glad I took the recommendation.


Has anyone else read The Rosie Project or The Rosie Effect?

I would love some more books to read so if you have any suggestions or book review posts let me know in the comments and I’ll check them out.


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