Singapore for the win

Last year I went on my first ever trip to Singapore where we spent 5 nights just exploring the city and loving life!! I’ve always found that my favourite places end up being the ones that I would least expect to like, so I guess I should have known something great was around the corner when I picked Singapore and I wasn’t in the least bit excited about it.


We got off the plane, collected our bags, jumped in a taxi, drove down the street and that was it- I was in love. There were palm trees lining the highway, the traffic was orderly, big buildings with pretty lights when we got closer to the city, and clean.. so so clean!


What I learnt in the next 6 days is that this city has everything!! It has the most amazing selection of food which is an absolute dream for me. It has every type of cuisine possible like Persian, Cuban, English, Indian, and every version of Asian food imaginable. Not to say that I tried all of those options. I know that so many people travel the world to experience different foods from different cultures, but unless that style of food is Italian, basic Mexican, or American Style diner food, then you might as well not bother feeding me.


My favourite part of the whole trip was that there is just so much room for activities. We spent a couple of days on my new favourite island, Sentosa.  It’s an entire island filled with theme parks and cool things to do like luge rides, cable cars, beaches, and even a segway tour. Even in the city there was so much to do. We spent days upon days shopping through all of the different shopping malls. They have some fantastic tourist attractions too. The Singapore Flyer which is their equivalent to the London Eye was better than I expected, and they even have Gardens by the Bay which as it sounds, are the most amazing gardens.


It was so fascinating to see a completely different side to Asia than what I have previously experienced. I didn’t feel the gap between tourist and local as much as I have in other places. The mix of tourists was the most diverse I’ve come across for quite some time with visitors from almost every corner of the globe; India, Japan, China, Malaysia, USA, Australia, NZ, Europe, the list probably goes on longer than I can count.


I can’t wait to go back one day, but until then I’ll just leave some of my favourite photos from the trip below.





  1. August 5, 2016 / 12:37 am

    You have done a wonderful job of making Singapore sound like a truly inviting place to visit. Should the chance present itself, I will most certainly be much more optimistic about traveling there than I might have been.

    • Emma
      August 5, 2016 / 10:01 am

      Thanks DW. I really appreciate the feedback.

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