Spring Adulting: Buying plants in pretty pots

Is it just me or does spring time make you want to go out and buy every single pretty flower on the planet?!  It’s this time every year that I convince myself that I’m a responsible plant owner.  Unfortunately the plants that I said that about last year have since passed away, but I feel like I’m going to do it right this year.  I’ve even named this post “Spring Adulting.” You can’t get more serious than adulting!!

This year I have actually taken the time to read the information on the back of the card that tells me if my new BPF (Best Plant Forever) needs extra sun, or like me, needs to be kept in the shade to avoid lobster level sunburn.

Even better still, I’ve discovered that you shouldn’t put pot plants without drainage holes in spots that get excessive rain because they don’t like that very much.  Who would have thought!

My favourite part of the whole thing is that I’ve been able to justify yet another Kmart and Bunnings haul.  I love, love , love that Kmart have been rocking the homewares and garden sections lately.  Being able to bring home a tonne of stuff without emptying out my bank account is a dream come true!!  And who doesn’t love a good Bunnings haul- it screams ‘I know how to adult,’ like nothing else!!

Here are a few (ok, a lot) of pictures so I can be held accountable for the ethical treatment of my beautiful new plants.  You’ll notice that Sonic’s dog kennel makes an appearance.  He loved that his little house got a makeover.  We also bought a big pot to put our new Tangelo tree in.  Hopefully you will see it again when we finish fixing up our courtyard at the front of our house- yet another ‘spring adulting’ activity planned for this year.

All that’s left to do is wait for the days to get longer and daylight savings to kick in so I can get outside and appreciate my exquisite gardening skills.  That’s right everyone, be jealous 😉

Spring Adulting


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