What I would tell my younger self

It’s so easy to sit here at 31 and think about all of the things I would do differently in my life.  I think those people that say ‘no regrets’ are kidding themselves because I tell you what.. I definitely regret wearing my Ugg boots to the shops that one time and falling over twice in the middle of a pedestrian crossing!!

It’s also quite dangerous to sit here and think about it too long because there’s only one thing that I can do with these words of wisdom for my younger self and that is to write them in a list and then move on.  I guess technically I could see if there’s any little gems in there that I could apply to my life moving forward, but other than that the past is the past.  I need to build a bridge and walk as quickly as I can over it.

Reading that back to myself, it sounds like my life is so horrific and that I want to change all of it.  That is definitely not the case.  Not to get all soppy and stuff but I have some pretty great things in my life like my fiancé and my dog, but there seems to be a pattern in my list.  I’ll see if you can spot it.


What I would tell my younger self


Spend proper time thinking about your interests and what you want to study

Don’t just do what everyone else is doing.  Think outside the box.  Look at more options.  There’s more than just one Uni out there.  Who said you even have to go to uni?  Don’t be scared to jump in and have a go.


Learn some practical skills

The ‘in’ thing now is making your own stuff and selling it on Etsy.  I’m not saying I would end up doing that, but learn how to sew a hem or learn to cook something that isn’t pasta bake for heaven’s sake.  Cupcakes are not a dinner food.


You may think you’re kind, but you really need to think about other peoples feelings

I was a terrible friend to a lot of people.  I’m not sure that they noticed.  I’m sure they probably did, but I did a lot of selfish things.


Boys can wait

I spent way too much time trying to get a boys attention rather than spending time with my friends or doing school work. You don’t need to have a boys attention to be a good person.  You need to tone that shit down.


Learn how to organise your life

Procrastination is the devil!  Learn how to get your shit together at an early age.  You love stationary- use it!!  There would be less stress in your life and you would get better marks at school if you paid attention and got your work done more than 5 seconds before it’s due.


Self Confidence is the key to life

Don’t lose it!!  It’s important.  It’s harder to get back once you lose it.  Learn to like yourself, not what you think others will like.  Back yourself and go for it!


You’ve got great money skills- keep that up

I can’t go through this whole list bagging myself out.  My passion for saving money has allowed me to do some amazing things like travel and buy a house so 50 points to Gryffindor for that.


Well there you have it.  I’m not sure if it’s a brutal list and I should learn to be nicer to myself or what, but sometimes it’s just great to lay it on the line.

Do you have advice that’s similar to mine that you would give to your younger self?  Let me know in the comments I’d love to hear/read about them 🙂





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